New Millennium Writings

Issue 16 — 2006-7

Contents - Special Section
New Millennium Awards 20 & 21
Honorees, 6 - 7
Read the Winners, 8 to 63
New Contest Guidelines, 59

1st Place, Fiction, NMW 21
B. Barnett
Beneath, 24
‘Koro prayed the trek down and down through the muraled corridors inside the pyramid would be good. He turned his attention to the messenger. In Cetot’s eye, Koro saw the Jaguar….’

1st Place, Nonfiction, NMW 21
Craig Rothstein
My Candied Passing, 35
‘The camera is the eye of a surgical leech, forgotten and decaying inside an old mason jar. The lense comes slowly into focus. The setting is the mad scientist’s laboratory. The Doctor works in the corner, back turned….’

1st Place, Poetry, NMW 20
Robert S. Carr
Rough Beast, 60
‘The Navajo told of werewolves around the fires; we did not think they’d come. We were sleeping when the ravagers stalked the pen two falls ago and slew the lambs One hunter promised us the pelts….’

1st Place, Fiction, NMW 20
Robert Anderson,
Compton’s Run, 8
‘The horseman came over the hill spurring a bay gelding in an unsteady walk, past smoke-gray bundles of cactus and shrubby pines. He rode with slack hands and dull eyes, watching the ground as th ehorse picked its way through shelves of rock. From time to time he looked east for signs of pursuit….’

1st Place, Nonfiction, NMW 20
Jessie Keyt,
A Matter of Conversation, 43

1st Place, Poetry, NMW 21
Jillian Weise,
Dating, Like Surgery, 62
‘He’d have to climb four flights either way, usually the back fire escape, and so arrived with an out-of-breath sputter, leaned over the rail outside. I could hear him compose himself….’

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Contents - Featured Writers
Khaled Hosseini
photo by Charmain Reading
An Interview with Khaled Hosseini
Kite-Runner Memories, by Sherry Ellis 64
‘TKhaled Hosseini’s best-selling novel, The Kite Runner, is the emotionally charged story of the friendship between two Afghani boys, Amir and Hassan… and highlights the long-term history of Afghani tribal chiefs… and ethnic groups colliding…’
Jacob Appel
A Comparative Seismology, 71
‘The women he greets—heartily hesitant with his hands tucked nonchalantly into the pockets of his slacks—will eye him suspiciously…shift their weight on swollen legs…’

Ronald Lands
Reflections, 83
‘She often walked about her house naked, moving from room to room, admiring herself in her mirrors…’

Margaret Hermes
Two Marias, 92
‘Ria Cesario, twentieth century Renaissance woman… At Holy Angels School, within the chrysalis of her navy blue jumper and white blouse with Peter Pan collar, she had already envisioned herself a nun, an actress, and a spy. She didn’t think in terms of or….’

Elaine Winer
Bloomin’ Jack, 104
‘The way Blooming Jack tells it, he’s walking east on Eighth Avenue to the beach for his morning swim. Alina Rodriguez is walking west on Eighth to her favorite juice bar on Washington Avenue for breakfast. As they pass each other in the middle of the block…’

Sean Aden Lovelace
Bonnie Parker Visits Her Final Getaway, 114
‘And then the dust billows up and traps the sun and circles the car in the cracked glitter of the windshield and the orange hazy fire and the grains stick to their skin… and Clyde smiles and nods… like he is going to a picnic….’

Donna Miscolta
Rosa in America, 123
‘Rosa waits until Lupita’s back is turned before she lights the cigarette. By the time Lupita shoots her look of disapproval, Rosa is dragging deeply, her head filling with the comforting coud of tobacco, and her friend’s opinions matter a little less to her…’

Randi Glatzer
The Big Idea, 132
‘My cubicle sat right outside my boss’s office, so I could hear everything in there: the cursing, the yelling, the singing, the laughing. Especially the laughing. My new job in advertising….’

Meeting Uncle Shelby
By Bree Coven 145
How Shel Siverstein Made My Day and Changed My Life,
‘Above my desk hangs an original Shel Silverstein poem… smeared by the rowdy spray of the ocean…’
Shel Siverstein

Contents - Poetry Suite
M. Miriam Herrera, In the Calyx, 152
Sarah Mate, Hands, 153
Laura Still, Glossalalia, and Afterthought, 154
Jill Darling, These Few, 155
Rebecca Mooradian, Ashes to Ashes, 156, and she was born in january, 157
Kathleen O’Toole, At Kelly Ingram Park, 158
T. Zachary Cotler, Alpha, 159
Jina Ortiz, In Coca Fields, 160
Ramtin Arablouei, Adas Polo, 161
Gretl Claggett, Wake, 161
Bobby C. Rogers, Photograph Of My Daughter, 162
Andy Brumer, Wafers, 163
Lynnell Edwards, The Last Long Days of Seventh Grade, 164
Dave Malone, Against ‘Against Love Poetry’, 165
Hannah Cook, First Almost Sex, 166
Jeanette Brown, The Last Night, 166
Barbara Zimmerman, Ritual, 167
Marc Levy, He Would Tell You, 168
Barry Ballard, Orders For Vietnam In The Sea Of Tranquility, 169
Casie Fedukovich, Lazarus on Shaky Legs, 170
David Ray, A Weekend In Knoxville, 172
Connie Green, Slow Children Playing, 173
Jesse Graves, Picture It, 174
Barbara Selfridge, My Sister Has a Gran Mal…On Her Birthday, 175
Dana Roeser, Bloom Where You’re Planted, 176
Lucille Clifton, afterblues, 178
Simon Perchik, The Slow Turn, 178
Heather Dobbins, Light Exercise In Heartbreak, 179
Pamela Garvey, Dogs, 180
Jessie L. Janeshek, Next to Godliness, 181
Andrew Michael Roberts, Somebody, 182
Jeanie Thompson, Abandon, 183
Kristi Maxwell, The Game We Played To Celebrate, 184
Rochelle Ratner, Obesity Epidemic ‘Bigger Threat Than Terrorism’, 185
Hilda Raz, Elegy for Susan and Reetika, 186
E. M. Dalton, Spooning, 187
Cody Lumpkin, Night-Shift Aubade, 188
Alice Friman, Bananas, 189
D. Antwan Stewart, Even Bones, 190
Larry Moffi, Spider, 191
Matt Urmy, Near Drowned, 192 and Becoming, 193
Leslye Stewart Ford, Two Weeks for Tuesday, 194
Gaylord Brewer, The Lost Works, 196
Judy DiGregorio, Out of Touch, 197
Charles Adés Fishman, She Remembers Winter, 198
Kay Newton, Summer Song, 199
Brad Tice, Iodine; a Love Poem, 200
Mary Ann Donaldson, Innocence Purloined, 202
Eric Adamcik, What Stupid People Think of Poems, 202
Andrew Najberg, A Murder of Eels, 203, and Standing Water, 203

Notes on Contributers, 204

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