New Millennium Writings

Outstanding stories and other imaginings on worlds old and new, encounters with dolphins, Cormac McCarthy, surviving the streets, 'shroomheads, deer hearts, Robert Penn Warren, traveling across Mexico, a blind date with Ray Charles, dining on sparrows, Thomas Jefferson daydreaming, Pulitzer Winner William Kennedy interviewed, and... Millennial Moments, prize-winning poetry, graphic arts, humor, advice to writers, first fiction, letters to the editor, and more.

Volume 1, Issue 2

In This Issue

Fiction By

Fred Brown, Joan Connor, Richard Elman, Gordon Johnston,
David Madden, Don Mooradian, Allen Wier

Cormac McCarthy profiled

William Kennedy interviewed
by Don Williams

Winners of the Second
New Millennium Awards

New contest guidelines

Fiction - Paul Miller
Poetry - Leonard Kress
Essay - Robert Clark Young

Poetry by

Andrew J. Smith, Sallie Bingham,
Lisa Coffman, Marilyn Kallet, Stacy Smith


Humor by Charlie Daniel
Writing Advice by Margaret Bentlage
Original Art by Steven Ingram and Mark Maxwell

Cover graphic

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