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Special Contest on Obama

Because of the spontaneous outpouring of good will and good writing that have flowed to our Inboxes in response to commentary on the subject of Obama, we're now accepting online submissions for a once-only special contest to mark this moment in our still-young millennium.

One winner and at least three runners-up will be published in the next issue of NMW, due out in November, and on this website. The deadline for this contest will be midnight of Sunday, March 1, 2009 and will not be extended. $1,000 will go to the best single piece of writing--whether poetry, essay or fiction on the subject… you guessed it… Obama. Writers from all three categories will compete for the single prize (as they did for our special award on the significance of the new millennium in 1999).

To Enter, Follow these Guidelines:

  1. No restrictions as to style, content or number of submissions.
  2. Previously published pieces OK if online only or if under 5,000 print circulation.
  3. Send any time between now and midnight, March 1, 2009 (postmark OK, or enter online using the following form).
  4. Simultaneous & multiple submissions welcome.
  5. Each piece of Fiction, Nonfiction, or Poetry is a separate entry and should total no more than 2.500 words - anything under that is acceptable. (Nonfiction includes essays, profiles, memoirs, interviews, creative nonfiction, travel, humor, etc.). Each Poetry entry may include one poem only, not to exceed five pages total, in this special contest.
  6. Include name, phone, address, email & category on cover page only.
  7. A $20 reading fee is required for each entry.

Best Wishes for the new year,
Don Williams, editor & publisher
New Millennium Writings

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