New Millennium Writings

EVOLVE: The 20th Anniversary #25—2016

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New Millennium Writings | Vol. 25 | 2016

EVOLVE: The 25th Anniversary

Outstanding Stories, Poems, and Other Imaginings on… TROMP!, Bowing to the Miniscule, Walrus Kings, Fog Made of Iron, Buddhist Cosmetology, and the Milky Way in L.A.

This issue features the award-winning work of Noah Stetzer, Claire Bateman, Alexander Weinstein, Shanna Yetman, Karen Hunt, Nina Varela, Susan Nathiel, and Jackie Davis Martin. Also, the NMW Interview with founder Don Williams, writing advice, and much more.

Featured Poets and Writers:

Alexander Weinstein • Karen Hunt • Nina Varela • Tim Mayo
Claire Bateman • Jackie Davis Martin • Shanna Yetman
Noah Stetzer • Susan Nathiel • James Heffernan • Doris Ivie
Alysia Harris • Laura Still • C. Ann Kodra • Barbara Mossberg
Linda Nemec Foster • Berwyn Moore • Mary Cole • Anca Hariton
Georganne Harmon • Jim Glenn Thatcher • Marilyn Kallet • and many more.

20 Year Anniversary

Natural Reflection: An Interview with Don Williams, NMW Founder and Editor Emeritus

By Brent A. Carr

Election Year Bonus ; )

Olsen and the Gull by Eric St. Clair